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Best Home Treadmill

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Best Home Treadmill

What should you be looking out for when you’re searching for the best home treadmill? All the different options, models and brand names can be confusing and, after all, all you really want to do is jump on and start running!

Before we look at the 4 quality essentials of a Best Home Treadmill, a word of caution! Don’t get taken in by all the advertising hype and the promise of the ‘goodies’ a model has to offer, it’s more important to make sure that the treadmill has the essentials first then extras becomes a nice to have!

So what are the essentials? We’ve chosen 4 basic areas which will help you sift through the deals and special offers and choose a treadmill a little more wisely:

Best Home Treadmill with a High Powered, Well Built Motor!

This is of course an essential part of choosing the best home treadmill and a very expensive item to fix/replace if things go wrong!

You need to find a motor which has at least 2.0 hp (Horse Power!)and preferably, as high as possible.

What’s the reason for this? Remember that a 1.5 hp motor has to work twice as hard as a 3.0 hp motor. The harder a motor works, the more likely it will malfunction/burn out.

Another thing to look out for is a good brand name and a long warranty; these should give you some clues as to the quality of the motor.

Try and buy a treadmill with a high specification motor that doesn’t work as hard as lesser models and you should get more use out of it and your best home treadmill will last longer!

Cushioning and Usability makes for a Best Home Treadmill!

You need to protect your joints when using any form of exercise equipment and this is especially so with a treadmill.

Good cushioning is essential and this is where you have to do a bit of research before buying! The idea is to test before you buy! Not always possible of course but you can always have a look at some treadmill reviews on our site here or take a look at some other consumer reports here.

Better still, compare both! Either way, make sure you research this aspect before buying. Make sure your treadmill is up to the task.

Guarantee your Best Home Treadmill? Check the Warranty!

When buying new, make sure the warranty is solid. You are making an investment and as such you need to protect it! The frame (structure) should be covered for at least 10 years (30 years is not uncommon with the leading brands), the motor 5 years and other parts and labor 1 year.

A good warranty tells you a lot about your choice of a best home treadmill, the quality of the product and also the parts.

For second hand purchases, this obviously depends on the age of the equipment but it’s worth asking about the original warranty and proof of purchase. We’re not saying don’t buy if you haven’t got these but it should be a strong part of your decision.

Best Brand Name for your Home Treadmill?

Brand name can say everything; it can mean quality and great customer service or it can represent a load of advertising hype.

If you’re looking for the best home treadmill then it’s important (again!) to do the research. Please see the resources at the bottom of this article; we believe that customer recommendation is everything. Sure, you’ll get the odd rogue comment but if the feedback overall is one of quality and satisfaction then this hints very strongly at a solid and reliable brand.

Best Home Treadmill – Summary

Do the research! Make sure you choose a make and model which has been built around a reliable and high powered motor.

Think about those all-important joints. Cushioning is very important, especially if you want to use your new best home treadmill purchase frequently.

Think about what warranty is available for your treadmill, this in itself can prove product quality. After all, which manufacturer is going to offer an extensive warranty if they know there product is going to fall apart after 3 months?

The quality brand name! Use our resources below to gauge consumer opinion to help you make the right choice.

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