Second Hand Rowing Machines

Second Hand Rowing Machines

Whilst this article introduces one particular Rowing Machine, you can use it to help you find any second-hand rowing machine or any piece of fitness equipment.

Buying Second Hand Rowing Machines can be quite emotional! If you’ve never seen or heard about the Concept 2 Rowing Machine, then you’ll be none the wiser and will think that lesser equipment is actually of very quality and will stand the test of time.

Once you’ve seen one of these and maybe spent some time working out on one, in a gym or ‘borrowed’  from a friend, you really won’t want to buy any other make.

If your budget doesn’t quite allow you to spend $900 + on a new one (and that’s for a new older model!) then you’re not alone.

What about trying the Second Hand Rowing Machines market, but where do you start when looking at second hand fitness equipment?

eBay & other second hand online auctions

One of our guys at RBR managed to buy a second hand C model Concept 2 for around $300. In all fairness, he got lucky, the rower was in good condition and the seller was honest and looking for it to go to a good home! He actually seemed very attached to it, like it was a member of the family and he had to sell because he was downsizing.

These auction sites are obviously a bit of a gamble with second-hand rowing machines, especially when you’re thinking of parting with your savings. You need to make sure that the rower you’re buying is in relatively good condition, some of the things to look out for with rowers and in particular the Concept brand:

  • You really need to have a look at one before buying! This can be difficult with auction sites but try doing a local search and if need be wait until a suitable one becomes available, it might need a bit of patience!
  • Make sure there is no damage to the support structure of the rower. One of the good things about the Concept 2 rower is that you can replace broken and worn parts but whilst it is ok changing some rollers or even replacing the chain, replacing some main structure like the monorail & track is going to cost! Look out for cracks and other signs of damage to the main structure.
  • Has the rower had regular maintenance? If it’s been looked after, your immediate ownership costs should be less. Look at the condition of the chain, wear and tear on the flywheel, condition of the rollers, etc.
  • Where has the machine been used? Again look at the general condition of the rower. Pay close attention to the fan grill, is it full of dirt? Rowers that are stored in garages and not maintained correctly tend to be caked in the dirt around the flywheel area.
  • Give it a ‘test drive’. Is the rowing action smooth and natural, make sure the chain isn’t snatching as you row?

Second Hand Rowing Machines and Local free ads

Another good place to look for second hand rowing machines. The advice is the same as per sourcing through an auction site.

Try and spend some time with the rower before committing to purchase. If you are offered a drink by the current owner, why not accept? This would give you some ‘personal time’ with the machine, use this time to thoroughly check the rower for damage, make sure nothing looks out of place, it has no loose parts, generally are you happy with it?

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