What are the Rowing Machine Benefits for Men and Women?

Rowing Machine Benefits

So you want to know what benefits a rowing machine can bring to your exercise routine. Is this the right sort of exercise for me? Is it cost effective? What will this equipment do for me in terms of muscle conditioning and general fitness and what are the main rowing machine benefits?

Let’s answer these questions.

Is a rowing machine right for me?

This probably depends on how you like to exercise! If you prefer to be outside, maybe as part of a team then indoor rowing might not be for you. Saying that, technology has moved on in the past few years and it is now more possible to interact with other indoor rowers, take part in competitions and compare performances.

It is however, by its design, still an individual form of exercise.  If you’re happy with this then it might well be the fitness machine for you.

Convinced already?

If you’ve already made up your mind that you are going to buy a new Rowing Machine or you simply want to check out what deals are available online, then why not have a look at our Best Rowing Machines 2015 guide?

The Rowing Machine is of course known for its low-impact benefit and to a lot of people this is one of the most important aspects of exercise and we think one of the main rowing machine benefits, it’s especially important as we all start to get a bit older!

What is equally important is that you get your rowing technique right from day one.  Check out our articles on Rowing Machine Posture and Techniques and this great video on Common Rowing Technique Errors, get these right and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Is it cost effective?

Again this depends on how serious you are going to be about this equipment and your budget of course.

As far as rowing machine benefits go, the cost is an important factor. Rowing machines can be purchased for under $100, whilst these would be fine for the casual user, if you’re more serious then you’ll be looking at $500+. It is, of course, worth looking for a Second Hand Rower, you never know what you might find at the auction sites or in the Free Ads! Check out our guide on Second-Hand Rowers for more information.

At RBR we can highly recommend the Concept series of indoor rowers but the high quality and maintainability of these come at a price, $900 – over $1800. It’s the old saying, you get what you pay for and boy these are good.

Definitely worth a look if it’s within your budget, the Concept 2 Model D is currently on offer at Amazon.com for a great price and with Free Shipping.

Also worth considering is that there are different types of Indoor Rowing Machine! Take a look at our guide “What are the different types of Rowing Machine” to get a good idea of what different models are available on the market today.

Overall, providing you use your Rowing Machine regularly then they will prove to be very cost effective, especially when you take a look at recurring gym memberships! Just bear in mind that all rowers need maintenance and our advice is to buy the best you can afford, simple advice we know but it does fit.

Muscle conditioning and general fitness?

More rowing machine benefits…

This equipment gives you an ‘almost’ complete workout. It strengthens and conditions most major muscle groups in the upper & lower body and is virtually impact free. It will also give you an excellent aerobic workout and is great for burning calories.

Rowing and a normal active lifestyle should cover all of your fitness bases.

Indoor (or outdoor!) rowing would be a great addition to the fitness routine for anyone. In fact, you could replace more time consuming activities with this and significantly reduce impact on your body, which is great for the knees in later life! The initial investment for a decent rower can be quite large but properly looked after these machines will last a long time and save you a fortune in those expensive fitness center fees.

The Top Benefits of Rowing Machines

Low impact:

Rowing machine benefits Number 1:

Because the motion of using a Rowing Machine is a natural one and you are seated very close to the floor in a comfortable position, there is very little stress being applied to any part of your body. Compare this with the sudden impact of running or the instant strain of lifting heavy weights and you can easily see why the Rower is favored by many as the exercise of choice!

Body conditioning:

Rowing machine benefits Number 2:

Rowing provides great upper body conditioning, giving the upper/lower back and the shoulder muscles and excellent workout. To a smaller degree but still very noticeable, Rowing also works out the abs, pecs and biceps. After you’ve been rowing for a few weeks, you’ll also notice that your hands and wrists have become measurably stronger as well due to gripping the rower handles (or oars!).

Rowing also gives your lower body a workout as well. To take full advantage of this, you’ll need a rower with a sliding seat but even one without, your legs (especially the upper front of the thighs), calves and buttocks all get a decent conditioning with a rower.

Aerobic workout:

Rowing machine benefits Number 3:

Without doubt, a rowing machine is a very effective way to raise your heart rate and give you a good overall aerobic workout.

You are using most of the major muscle groups and because you can adjust the resistance before you start to row, it is easy match the machine to the body, so to speak!

A lot of Indoor Rowing Machines also have the capability to help you monitor your heart rate, which is done wireless through a chest strap.


Indoor Rowing Machines offer the ideal way to keep fit without over-stressing the body. It’s true that some people just love to run on a treadmill or get a sore behind on an exercise bike but we’ve seen countless people who are Erg converts (another name for a rower!) after just trying it once.

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